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IV Drip Therapy – Tempe Holistic Skin Care

Are you looking for IV drip therapy to boost your immune system? At Tempe Holistic Skin Care, our medical professionals have a variety of injectable treatments including IV drip therapy to improve your wellbeing. For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online.

IV Drip Therapy - Tempe Holistic Skin Care & Med Spa in Tempe, AZ
IV Drip Therapy - Tempe Holistic Skin Care & Med Spa in Tempe, AZ

What is IV Drip Therapy?

IV drip therapy is a form of vitamin therapy in which an infusion of vitamins and nutrients is delivered to the body through an intravenous needle as opposed to consuming them through food and vitamin supplements. As this method injects the vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, the body is able to absorb them faster than if they had been ingested, as they don’t have to be broken down by the body through the digestive process. By using an IV drip, the practitioner performing the procedure is able to control the amount of vitamins and nutrients being injected into the body, after having carefully planned and chosen the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs or that have been chosen based on your desired benefits from the IV drip therapy.

IV drip therapy can have many benefits depending on your health concerns related to vitamin and nutrient consumption. It can improve your overall wellness, improve the appearance of your skin, hair and nails, increase athletic performance, provide quick relief from hangovers and support healthy weight loss. If you are concerned you might have a vitamin or nutrient deficiency, contact your primary care doctor or a medical professional trained in IV drip therapy to determine if this is the right course of action for you. They will need to get a thorough understanding of any symptoms you may have and run a series of tests to determine if you have a deficiency that needs to be addressed. Together you and your health care professional can determine if IV drip therapy is the right option for you.

Improved Wellness

IV drip therapy can be used as a support and booster for your immune system, which will lead to an improvement in your overall wellness. The immune system helps our body to fight off infection and keep us healthy, so ensuring we are providing it with the proper vitamins and nutrients will ensure it is running at optimal performance. Whether you are looking to prevent yourself from getting sick or you are already feeling like you have a cold or flu coming on, IV drip therapy can provide the body with an assortment of vitamins and minerals that will support a healthy immune system and provide an extra boost when needed to reduce your chances of catching whatever virus is going around.

In additional to boosting immunity, IV drip therapy can address any vitamin deficiencies you may have due to your diet, illness, malabsorption or lifestyle. Adding these missing or deficient vitamins and nutrients to your body through IV drip therapy can have many positive effects on your body such as increased energy level, improved immune system functions, stronger bones, faster metabolism, improved digestion and improved function of key body systems such as muscles, nerves and the brain. Different nutrient and vitamin deficiencies will have different effects on the body.

Improved Beauty

Having a sufficient amount of certain vitamins and nutrients in your diet, whether through food, lifestyle or IV drip therapy can ensure you are looking your best. This can be achieved through the absorption of vitamins in the body that can boost your hair and skin, making them stronger and healthier. Vitamins and nutrients in this category can boost collagen production leading to younger and firmer looking skin, brighten the skin, provide a boost of antioxidants, boost energy, improve metabolism and promote strong and healthy skin, hair and nails. IV drip therapy can also help flush out toxins from the body that cause dull looking skin and hair, giving you a naturally rejuvenated appearance.

Improved Athletic Performance

Athletes understand that their bodies need proper fuel to run at peak performance. IV drip therapy can provide a quick and easy alternative for athletes to get the adequate vitamins and nutrients their bodies require to perform at a high level and recover quickly to continue training and performing. The body is able to absorb and process fluids and nutrients faster through IV drip therapy than traditional digestive methods, meaning they can get to work right away on rehydrating the body and replenishing nutrients that were lost through exercise. The body uses electrolytes through exercise which need to be replenished to avoid issues associated with electrolyte imbalance. The body also needs to remain hydrated through exercise, with electrolyte and fluid replenishment being required almost immediately upon completion of strenuous activity to avoid further stress on the kidneys or digestive system. Due to the depletion of these essential resources, the body can react negatively when an athlete tries to replenish them through traditional methods such as drinking a large quantity of water, causing them to potentially vomit it back up. Receiving these depleted resources through an IV drip allows the body to quickly and easily absorb them without the negative side effects of nausea or vomiting. IV drip therapy can also be used prior to strenuous exercise to ensure the body has the necessary vitamins and nutrients available for immediate use for the duration of the activity which can allow them to sustain a faster or better performance for a longer period of time.

Fast Hangover Relief

IV drip therapy can work for hangover relief as well. Alcohol is a well-known diuretic, meaning it causes the body to become dehydrated. A hangover is caused by the overconsumption of alcohol, with the tipping point being different for everyone. Most people find they are able to fight off a hangover in one to two days with rest and fluids, with some people swearing they have their own unique hangover cures to speed up the recovery time from a hangover. An IV drip can provide quicker recovery from a hangover by supplying the body with an injection directly into the bloodstream of the vitamins, nutrients and fluids that your body is deficient in as a result of your alcohol consumption. By having these resources deposited directly into the bloodstream, it allows the body to absorb them faster and use them right away to help alleviate the effects of the hangover.

IVs Can Support Healthy Weight Loss

There are many factors involved in losing weight in a safe and healthy manner. These will include a proper nutritional meal plan focused on healthy foods to fuel your body as well as an exercise plan to promote strength and cardiovascular endurance. As part of an overall weight loss plan, IV drip therapy can be used to provide additional support with vitamins and nutrients to increase metabolism, increase energy and increased bone and muscle strength to reduce the risk of injury.

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